12 oz. Food Grade Qubic Container with Lid

As a mother of a large family, I am always looking for ways to stretch my dollar while having the ability to eat healthy as well as save time. I garden, can, and cook in large batches to help with that. By doing this, I have the ability to not only save money for my family, but I can save time as well.

I recently stumbled upon a food storage solution company that I just love and want to share with you. This company is called epackagesupply.com. They offer a wide array of food storage containers, so they have something for everyone. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a mom like me, or just someone who cooks a lot. The quality of these is above average and they are priced affordable.

After my first order of storage containers, I was blown away with the quality, so to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I decided to order another size. I ordered the 12 oz. BPA free food grade qubic container with lid. Here is what the company lists about the product.

Features and Specifics for BPA Free Food Grade Qubic Container with Lid:

  • Made from co-poly resin Polypropylene (PP), a polymer that is FDA approved and BPA Free
  • Color options include: Clarified (clear), White
  • Lid option: a co-poly resin PP Qubic Container Lid
  • Berry Part #: T4X512CP, L4X5CP
  • Containers are Food Grade and Recyclable
  • Manufactured in the USA

Dimensions for BPA Free Food Grade Qubic Container with Lid:

  • BPA Free Food Grade Qubic Container dimensions: 3.781 x 4.582″ diameter x 2.4″ height
  • BPA Free Food Grade Qubic Lid dimensions: 3.9” x 4.701” diameter x .374” height


This BPA free storage container utilizes a square cubic design to optimize filling capacity. It’s a 12 oz. non-round bucket with lid and comes in packages consisting of 50, 100, 495 and 990 food grade storage containers. USA manufactured, these co-poly resin containers are microwaveable safe and recyclable. The BPA free plastic containers contain PP filler materials which is an FDA approved material. The mold injection technology used to manufacture these bucket containers creates flat top and bottom surfaces making them easily stackable. The food grade containers for sale start at a price of $22.99 and comes in translucent and white colors, accommodating for any packaging situation. The size of this tub works perfectly for snack items, small meals, and great for deli containers. Multiple quantity would be great for bulk packaging. These food grade containers are also disposable.


I used these containers mostly for pie filling as well as hot dish containers. They are the perfect size for me and precisely what I was looking for. The lids stay on securely without leaking. When in the freezer, they did not crack, and my food items did not have freezer burn. When it came to using these in the microwave, they performed well.


I would definitely recommend these to any and everyone.  They are truly a good quality product that is durable. For more information on ordering these, please feel free to check them out here.


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