1TattooWorld Red Series Tattoo Kit

When it comes to getting inked, we all do different things that have purpose and meaning to us. Whether is is just a regular tattoo or a sleeve, it’s surely we are something that we are proud of and love to show off. My two younger brothers love tats. They are always getting them and showing me and telling me the significance of them. Once thing that I hate hearing about is how much they spend on their tats. I get it’s art and it’s someone’s time, but I just can’t imagine spending that much.

One of my little brothers is very talented in art. Some of the things he draws are absolutely amazing, so I figured, what better of a thing for him to have than a tattoo kit. Him and my other brother are equally talented in art, but the other gets more detailed with it. I recently asked a company if they were willing to let me review one of their sets. They obliged and before I knew it, we were on our way to checking this out.

The kit I received has these items in it for reference:

I. Tattoo Power Supply Kit:
1 x High Quality Digital Tattoo Power Supply (Red)
1 x Clip cord
1 x Stainless Steel Ultra slim foot pedal
1 x Power cord
II. Tattoo Machines:
1 x Premium Handmade Tattoo Machine (Tattoo Gun) for liner and shader 
III. Tattoo Ink Set:
10 x 5ml Color Tattoo Ink Set
1 x Ink Cup holder (Black color)
100 x Ink cups ( 50 each of size #13 and #9 )
IV.Tattoo Grips and Needles:
2 x Aluminum Alloy Grips
6 x Stainless steel tips
20 x Plastic Disposable Tips
20 x Pre-sterilize tattoo needles
V.Tattoo Accessories and Tools:
1 x Adjust tool set
50 x O ring
50 x Assorted Gromments
2 x Aftercare ointment
2 x Disposable Shaver
1 pair of disposable gloves
2 x Tattoo Thermal Stencil Transfer Paper
1 x Tattoo Training CD Disc

My brothers set out on their tattoo fun and before I knew it, their art was soon going onto their skin. The whole process was really fun to watch. They didn’t need anything more than what came in this kit which made it very convenient. They commented how nice the guns were and everything else was which I found was really nice. They said the ink was a nice added touch to the kit. They seemed to think it was decent ink. As far as how everything functioned, it did as it was supposed to. The machine isn’t even that loud. I guess I expected it to be a little lounder in my opinion. When looking at the items, it seemed to be a good started set quality wise. The only this missing from this is a carrying case, otherwise you will have everything you need.

This product is sold on Amazon.com for $37.99 USD with Prime. For more information on ordering this product, or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Photos are compliments of the product listing on Amazon.

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