3-in-1 LED Flashlight with Magnetized Base by AYL®

How many times have you run into an instance where you needed a flashlight, but the one you had just wasn’t up to par? I know I have run into this issue many times and have been in this situation. The flashlight I had was just as good as not having one.

The 3-in-1 LED flashlight with Magnetized Base is just the flashlight to have. It offers versatility for just about any use you can think of. This flashlight takes 3 AAA batteries for power which easily go into the flashlight simply by twisting off the bottom and sliding them in. This is pretty typical when it comes to putting batteries into a flashlight, but the batteries are smaller. Usually, with flashlights I have used, they took two C batteries or D batteries. This flashlight has three different ways it works. The first is with the regular flashlight we have all come to be accustomed to. Second, there are 18 white LEDS on the side with the click of two times on the power button. Click again and turn on the 11 red LEDS in case of an emergency as a warning for others. Each of these options offers some really bright and crisp light. As if the three options weren’t enough with this flashlight, it also has a magnetic base, so it can stick to just about anything while you are doing a job around the house or repairing your car. This flashlight is also weather resistant which is even better. No worrying about the weather outside if you are using this.

I put this flashlight to the test. It sounds great, but could it deliver? The answer is yes…for the most part. It has a nice carry strap which is really good when you are in some situations where you just don’t have a free hand, or you have slippery hands. The light was surely bright. It was a nice crisp light that went for many feet outdoors which was really nice. The white LEDS and red LEDS were a nice addition to this flashlight, those too were bright and could be seen from many feet away. The magnetized base was a very good idea. I would’ve liked to see the magnet a little more stronger. It can stand up from the base and go from the side, but I have found sometimes while upside down, it sometimes just isn’t as strong as I would like it. Now this could be an error on  my part with where I am placing the flashlight, but it did say all metal surfaces. The button is nice and springy. This product appears to be made with high quality products and built to last. I have dropped this flashlight and it hasn’t broken yet. All bulbs stayed in perfect working condition. The fact this is an all weather one, simply just boosted how wonderful I think this is.

I received this product for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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