3600 Glow in the Dark Loom Bands

Having five kids means there is a lot of arts and crafts to keep them busy. One of the latest crazes with them seems to be making different things with loom bands. It keeps them using their imagination and not to mention busy. I have seen many cool creations come from them crafting with the loom bands and I must say it is impressive.

This wonderful set comes with 3600 differnt bands. Each band is glow-in-the-dark which really entices the kids to want to use these. The colors in this kit are nice and vibrant. I really loved how the colors in this set were all seperated. I have purchased many packages of loom bands where they were never seperated and to be honest, it was on huge headache. With products of this nature, of course some will stick together. It wasn’t too hard to get them apart. When looking at the loombands they were just the right amount of thickness and had the right amount of elasticity. The kids enjoyed crafting with these and they were great to work with.

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