4x Razor Digital Pedometer by Ozeri

Part of having a successful workout routine is having the right tools. Whether it is a scale, pedometer, or another item, it is important when you factor in activity to reach your goal.

Ozeri offers a 4x Razor Digital Pedometer. Now, usually when it comes to a pedometer, not all are created equally. You run into ones that are too touchy and measure steps incorrectly. Others break easily before you really even get into using the item. That isn’t the case with this one. Here is what the product description states:

  • New 3D Tri-Axis Bosch Sensor from Germany (with X, Y, Z vector detection) provides superior accuracy in any position.
  • Designed for high-performance athletes, the 4x3razor is the world’s thinnest and lightest pedometer — 0.5cm (less than 0.2″) thick and weighs just half an ounce.
  • Records steps, distance, calories, fat burned and exercise time with the most advanced Tri-Axis technology.
  • Counts up to 1 million steps with 7-Day Memory, and includes a built-in Clock and Sports Timer with Auto Sleep technology.
  • Razor thin design that fits in any pocket. Ships with a belt clip, extra battery, and detachable lanyard included. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

So, I decided to put this product to the test and see if it would meet expectations. This pedometer is indeed thin. As in terms of accuracy, this was spot on. I haven’t seen a spedometer that is so accurate and I have used my fair share of them. This not only offers a clock and timer, but this offers a 30 day memory which is great if you are like me who monitors all of that. For the display, to me, it is a good size, but for others who have vision issues, this may propose a problem as it is regular sized.. There is no back light on this either. The lanyard clip seems very durable and the clip is a nice added feature to this item. The clip has teeth so to speak to offer a good hold. Color variety is minimal but there are three different popular colors offered. Overall, I would say this is the best one I have seen out there on the market that I have looked at.

This product is sold on Amazon.com for $24.98 USD with a Prime membership. For more information on ordering this item or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

This product was offered for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review.

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