ADAGIO Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightner Worldwide Dual Voltage by XTAVA TM

We all love to style our hair. It helps add some style to our look and makes us ladies feel good about ourselves. Finding the perfect tools can be a bit tricky though. Sure, they all promise the results we are looking for, but not all hair stylers are created equally.

I love to straighten my hair. It takes out the frizz from the seasonal elements, adds shine, and makes my hair easier to run my hands through. No knots in my hair ever when I straighten it. I had a problem doing it though. For one it took forever, and two….well it was like the straightener would pull my hair out as I was running it through my hair. It would take me hours to straighten my hair …literally, and I would not get the results I wanted. Within a few hours, my hair went back to how it was….(sighs)

I was recently offered to try a hair straightener by Xtava. This opportunity was right up my alley. I wanted a new straightener, but I was NOT willing to pay another hundred bucks on something that wasn’t going to work. So I was pretty excited about this. Now, I am going to say, my previous hair straightener was a very pricey one. I won’t bash the name of it of course, but I was very interested to see how this would compare. 
A little about this. It is all black. The power button as well as temperature buttons are on the inside of the straightener. It has a nice thick durable swivel cord complete with a loop for hanging up for easy storage. This has a ten gear temperature selection from 200 to 400 degrees. Once this is turned on, its heats up to the desired temperature in a little under a minute. So, there is no waiting for this to get hot. The plates of this straightener are ceramic tourmaline floating plates which is the latest in Ionic Technology. The product designers have safety in mind as this will shut off if unattended for thirty minutes. This comes with a heat resistant bag which zips shut for easy transport during travel. The bag even has a carry loop. 
So, like I said, this thing literally heats up in under a minute. I put a some heat protection in my hair (Argan Oil) and away I went. As I was holding this straightener, it sat nice in my hand. It was also very lightweight. Not bulky like my other one. As I went to the shaft of my hair and slid down, this did no tugging or pulling to my hair. It slid through the plates so easily and smoothly. After running the straightener just once on a small chunk of my hair, it was straightened and looked absolutely wonderful. With my other, I had to go over it a few times to achieve this result. The cord is nice and long, so I wasn’t stuck doing my hair by the electrical outlet. As I looked at the cord, it was nice and thick, so durable to last a while. The swivel cord was a nice add on to this. I liked it because it offered me more freedom with the movement of the straightener. All together, it took me no more than a half hour to straighten my hair. This is really good when you consider how long and thick my hair is. My hair looked so shiny, smooth, and straight. The best thing is my hair actually stayed straightened. 
Overall, I really love this Flat Iron Straightener. It is the best one I have come across and tried, and just a fraction of the price of my other one that didn’t even do half the job of this. There are many different designs available as well for this product. So there is a style for everyone both for their hair and tools.

This product is sold on for $34.95 USD. For more information on ordering this product or to read more customer reviews, please feel free to visit here. To check out the company and what other products they have, please feel free to visit here. They have some pretty cool tools.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. 

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