ANEMONE Wind Flower 1875W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer by Xtava (Pink Petals)

Living in the frozen tundra we all like to refer to as the mid-west, you have to make sure your hair is dry before going outside. That is unless you like having icicles for strands of hair. Not everyone has it that simple though. Many of us suffer from frizz from blow drying. Literally! Looking like you stuck your finger into a light socket. Not cool. Some of us use our blow dryer to help style our hair. After spending a good amount of time trying to look fabulous in front of the mirror, we finally reach our desired look. Once our hair cools down from the blow dryers, our hair falls. I don’t know how many times I have left the house thinking I look absolutely amazing only to get in the car and take a look in the mirror to see my disaster of a hair style. (sighs)

Alas! There is an answer for all of us who suffer from these issues and much more. Well hair related issues that is…lol. A product named ANEMONE Wind Flower 1875W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer by Xtava. This modern and stylish hair dryer is sure to make you feel sassy as you blow dry your hair in style.

A little about this blow dryer: It’s ergonomic compact design makes it easy to pack away for travel if necessary. It’s got a pretty powerful motor (1875W DC) with a flower patter design on the intake filter. I myself got the pink, but it is available in a baby blue color as well. It offers the latest of ionic technology and protective technology. In other words… Ions radiate heat inside your hair without over drying it while smoothing the fragile outer layer of the hair cuticle, neutralizing static and controlling frizz at the same time. The result is super-fast drying, without damage, silky, shiny and hydrated hair. There are two heat settings with three speeds on this dryer. This is also equipped with a cool shot button. Press that and it will blow cool air to lock in that style you have been trying to perfect. This dryer comes with two different nozzles to focus the air flow on to specific areas. It has a swivel cords that is thick as well as durable.

How did this product get the name? The Anemone Flower takes its name from the Greek word for Wind Flower. Greek mythology states that the anemone sprang from Aphrodite’s tears and that it symbolizes unfading love. Much like our love for our Xtava products.

About the company Xtava: Xtava is a company created by women for women. Their mission is to empower you with unique beauty products and tools that deliver the latest in technology and design at an affordable price. When you choose an Xtava product, you are also helping other women around the world. Each year the company donates a percentage of their profits to charities benefiting women. How cool is that? That is definitely a company I want to do business with. Feel free to check out their website located here to find out more.

So, what do I think about this in my own opinion: I really like the look of this blow dryer to be honest. I think it is really nice. The pink accents on this really give it that feminine touch which seems very appealing to my teenage daughter. The cord is nice and long so you aren’t limited to standing next to that power outlet away from your mirror. The swivel cord is really nice because it gives you more freedom as you are moving around your head to dry that hair. With the variety of settings, it has the ability to be used on mine or my daughter’s hair and be the perfect setting which is very nice. The cool shot is one of my favorite features of this dryer. It really works wonders for locking in that style and keeping it lasting for you. This blow is nice and powerful. The ionic function does work very well. It isn’t just something they are trying to advertise. It has cut down my frizz TREMENDOUSLY leaving my hair soft and shiny. The concentrator nozzles are a nice add on to go with this dryer to help focus on that desired style and dry. As a mom, with a teenager who uses this like how there is a loop to hang this as well to try to keep her vanity organized. 

This product is sold on Amazon for $34.99 USD. Fore more information on ordering this product, or to read what other reviewers have had to say about this, please feel free to visit here. Once you get your hands on one of these, it is sure to be a favorite of yours.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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