Aquabeads – Beginners Studio

Being able to utilize your imagination and creativity is always something that is we all love to do with art. There are so many items out there to help with this, that it can be tough to figure out what works and is something that would suit you.

Aquabeads has a huge variety of different sets to offer something for anyone. This is a bead art item which is very easy to use. You make your design, apply some water, let it dry, and once dried, you have your design. Pretty simple to use. This was a new item in our household as we never heard of something like this. I was sent the Beginners studio set and let my daughters check it out. 

The beginners studio kit includes storage bin with lid, sprayer, 4 design templates, 800 jewel and classic beads, bead pen and instructions. Everything is in there that you will need to get started. My daughters were really excited to take a look at this item. It was very easy for them to use as well as understand. They realy loved this. They used some templated and eventually were making their own designs.

The amount of fun the girls had with this toy and the creations they have made with it are perfect. This item is sold for $19.95 USD on the company’s website which can be found here. This would make a wonderful gift idea for anyone, especially little girls 8-12 years old.

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This product was provided at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review. 

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