Auto Code Scanner And Reader

Auto repairs in this day in age can get costly. It is no where near what it use to be when it comes to fixing cars. Most things have to do with the car’s internal computer which makes finding the issue harder for many. Taking your car to the garage can not only be costly, but an inconvenience. When one of my vehicles experienced trouble, just for a diagnostic costed me more than what I anticipated. In reality, it took the mechanic only minutes I am sure to find the issue. This can be disheartening to many on tight budgets such as myself. I sought something to help me avoid having to pay for a diagnostic to help cut the costs of future auto repairs and I found exactly what I needed. An auto code scanner and reader.


The Topdon OBD2/EOBD Auto Scanner and Reader  offers me precisely what I was looking for in an auto scanner. Here is what is outlined about the product:

  • EXTENSIVE COVERAGE: Works on all 1996 and newer OBD II and CAN compliant vehicles. Suitable for most American, European and Asian cars.
  • SIMPLE MANIPULATION: One click I/M readiness for a quick check on vehicle’s engine healthy status.
  • EXCLUSIVE OBD II DIAGNOSTICS: Read and clear DTCs, turn off MIL, view freeze frame data, read current, pending and permanent codes, and show definitions.
  • EFFICIENT MONITORING: Obtains live data stream from O2 sensor and on-board monitoring test.
  • MULTI-LANGUAGE & UPDATE: Supports English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Chinese and German. Update: Go to www.topdon.us and download the update files to the computer.


The screen is easy to read offering full color display. Letters and numerics are easy to read with no issues. The buttons on this are responsive and do not stick which is great in comparison to other models on the market. The cord is reinforced on both ends to prevent shorts and offers a durable thickness. The directions for this are very easy to understand even for a beginner. 

How it works is simple:

1)Turn the ignition off.
2)Locate the vehicle’s DLC socket.
3)Plug ArtiLink 201 connect the vehicle’s DLC.
4)Turn the ignition on. Engine can be running or off.
5)After finishing, the system will start initializing. After initialization, the system will enter the main menu interface.

Prime Functions
Read DTCs
Clear DTCs
Read MIL
View freeze frame data
I/M readiness monitor status
Display live data stream
O2 sensor data
On-board monitoring test
Read : pending codes,  permanent codes,  vehicle information
Multilinguil user interface
Internet up-gradable


This is by far one of the easiest readers that I have used as well as accurate. If you are looking to save money when it comes to auto repairs, I would highly recommend this to you. This would also make a fantastic gift for the holidays.

This item was provided to me at no cost. Regardless, I would not recommend an item unless I believed it was a wonderful item.


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