Bath & Body Gift Lotus Botanicals Spa Gift Box by Spa Basket

Mothers! They work hard. They have one of the most toughest jobs out there where they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you were to ask a mother if she would change anything, she will more than likley tell you no. Being a mother is a wonderful honor. I myself have five beautiful children. There are days where I don’t get a chance to sit down and others where I can barely hear myself think with all of the commotion, but I love it and wouldn’t change it. One special day every year for me of course is Mother’s Day. It’s a day where the kids behave, well they try, and I get to spend the day with them without any gripes about the plans they have. I also get to be spoiled on this day. My hubby pampers me and the kids do as well. It’s nice to have a day where they appreciate me.

Pampering mom is probably something she will love….I know I do. Whether it is letting her sleep in, making her breakfast in bed, or with a special gift. My older kids often get me a gift. Of course home made are the best, but when they get older, their home made gifts often change to purchased ones. 

One way to show mom you appreciate her and want to pamper her is to offer her a gift box. I was recently offered to review a gift box and I was really excited to take a look at it. I had no idea this gift box was going to be as great as it is. Offering a wide variety of items, this is sure to make mom feel special and offers her the opportunity to be pampered for a little while. This basket comes filled with a candle, pedicure set, body lotion, hand cream and more. My items were fragranced with a title of “Lotus Paradise”. This fragrance was certainly paradise. It was light, fresh, and flowery. I love scents like this. Most of the items had the light blue theme and the gift box that this was in was absolutely gorgeous. Presentation of this was perfect. Wrapped in cellophane to make sure it all staying in the box and with a hand tied bow made of a shimmer sheer material. When it arrived, I will have to admit, even though it was a review item, it certainly made me feel special. Here’s what I thought of the various items in this gift box:

Candle: In a glass base, this candle has a vanilla scent. The smell is heavenly and when lit, offers a long lasting fragrance to fill the room.

Bath Glove: Offering a teal color, this stretchy glove is perfect to offer exfoliation when showering. This is sure to fit any sized hand.

Nail Brush: Offering a wood base and different sized bristles, your nails will be the cleanest around. One sixe is soft bristles while the other has firmer bristles.

Hand Cream 3.38 fl. oz.: This hand cream comes in a squeezable container. It has a light blue clolr hue with a lotus flower on the front. The cream is thick, but not too thick and certainly moisturizes hands well while leaving an indulging fragrance.

Body Lotion 8 fl. oz.: This as well is nice and thick. It rubs into the skin nicely for skin to absorb. Without leaving a greasy feel behind, your skin is fragranced lightly. This body lotion is up there in quality in my opinion. With the size and fragrance, I would say Bath and Body Works in comparison, only the lotion seems just a taad bit thicker.

Shower Gel 8 fl. oz. : This shower gel is sure to invigorate the senses. Offering an enticing fragrance, this shower gel lathers very well. Agian, I would compare this to Bath and Body Works for quality and fragrance quality. Certainly leaves skin feeling soft and smelling fantastic.

Fragrance Body Mist 8 fl. oz.: This bottle is generously sized to offer a refreshing fragrance throughout the day. It’s a spritz bottle and when sprayed, it sprays lightly and not too much.

Eye Mask: Relieve tired eyes or help with a headache with this item. It has gel beads inside of it. It has a band to wrap around the head to keep it one which is very nice.

Scrub Band: I don’t really know the technical term for this thing. Its like a thick band with handles on each end with a loufa quality. I found this item great while in the shower to get my back. Each handle is made of rope.

7 Piece Manicure Set: This pretty much has everything you are going to need to get your nails looking fantastic. There are trendy nail files, a nail brush, clippers toe seperators, and a cutiticle stick in this. The toe seperators are glittery, sure to add some fun.

Fragrance Diffuser: This diffuser is perfect to offer the spa feeling with it’s fragrance. The scent lasts a very long time. It isn’t strong or overwhelming, but certain will invigorate the sense and help you relax.

As you can see, there is nothing not covered in this package. The quality of this is exceptional and I am quite impressed with it. The fragrance is absolutely perfect and not overbearing and the items are sure to make anyone feel special including mom. For more information about this product, please feel free to visit the listing on here. This item sells for $64.99 USD and offers free shipping. In my opinion, its a wonderful deal.

This product was offered for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. 

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