Beauteefy Callus Remover

We all get some pretty dry skin on our feet. Anyone who would tell you they didn’t would be telling you a fib. It’s just one of those things that seems to happen to everyone. The inevitable. We all use various products to help remedy this. Some work, while others are just junk. So, I am going to tell you what seems to do a decent job for me with this issue.

Beauteefy has a wonderful device called a callus remover. The box is nice and durable, so it can easily be used for storage. Inside of the box you will receive the device, a brush to clean the device, and extra roller, and a well written instruction manual. This deivce does take two AA batteries which do not come with this. The battery compartment is easily accessible. The company offers this device in two different color choices. blue or pink. It can be used in both the shower and outside the shower, so the versatility of this product for convenience is quite nice.

To be honest, when I first took a look at this product, I thought there is no way a battery operated device could offer me such results. I will admit, I was wrong. This wonderful little device had enough power to tackle the dead skin on my feet. I will have to warn you, I would recommend placing a towel under your foot. When you are using this, there is no catcher for your dead skin, so it pretty much just falls wherever. When I attempted to use this device on a much rougher foot, this device seemed to stop. Like it was too much for the motor to handle. At first, I just thought I needed new batteries, but that wasn’t the case. After lifting a bit of pressure while using this, and took my time, I was able to see the same results. It just took a little more patience. I liked using it on dry feet versus wet feet. It seemed to offer me better results.

This product is sold on for $19.99 USD. For more information in regards to ordering this item or to see what other reviewers thought about it, please feel free to visit here.

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