Bellemain 6 Piece Canning Tool Set

Canning is a wonderful way to save money and eat more healthy. For years I watched my grandmother as a young lady as she would can and I thought it was a lot of work. As I grew to become older, I learned the importance to it and learned quickly that it was something that was beneficial.

My grandmother is 97 years young and when it comes to her canning tools. she has some of the first ones ever made. We have talked about getting her some newer ones, but many of the newer ones we would see out there were utter junk in comparison to what she had. I was recently offered this set to take a look at and I was pretty stoked about seeing the quality of these. When I received them, I brought them over to get grandma’s approval. After all, she has been canning for years and would know more so than I would.

She loved how the tools were magnetized. It was a new technology that hers didn’t offer for her. It offered her more convenience she said. At her age, she deserves some convenience! The also thought they say well in her hand and were more light weight. Her other ones were insanely heavy. She banged them around a bit and said they passed her durability test. Grand,a asked if she could have these and I gladly gave them to her to enjoy. They definately passed my grandma’s approval and she is a stubborn gal and will throw items away if she thinks they are junk.

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