Bento Box Lunch Boxes – 100% Food Safe

Having five children, I have seen my fair share of lunch boxes and have found what works for my kids and what doesn’t. I have an eight year old who is incredibly picky and also a klutz. Finding something to help her out with both of these issues has been a little tough, but I have finally found something.

The Bento Lunch Box is just the answer. These lunch boxes are pretty cool. The design of them was well thought out and put together in my opinion. Divided into three sections, this lunch box is perfect. The top part has a divider for the food. There are two compartments. The second section is a nice white tray. This also has a spoon, fork, and butter knife included which is re-usable. This also has enough space for napkins or wipes which is nice. The bottom is nice and deep, perfect for storing snacks. This lunch box is made of durable plastic. The top is see through plastic. I love this lid. It has a doulbe snap closure which secures this shut making it impossible to open if it were to fall. This wonderful lunchbox is available in four different colors, purple, blue, green, and orange, so there is a color for just about everyone. These containers are made from 100% Food Grade PP & Silicone – Non-toxic and Eco-Friendly. The company also offers a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

This product is sold on for $15.97 USD. For more information on ordering this item, or to see what other reviewers thought about this, please feel free to visit here.

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