Best REM Sleep Mask

I am one of those types of people where I need to have the room in complete darkness when I go to sleep. Even the slightest bit of light in the room will keep me awake. This has been a huge problem for me. I have had a struggle when it comes to it. I am also a huge migraine sufferer where I experience light and sound sensitivity. 

The Valhalla Travel company offered for me to try a new type of sleep mask. They boast that it is the best REM sleep mask. They even offer this product with a one year warranty. I have never seen a company do that when it come to sleep masks. This sleep mask comes with ear plugs, a carry case and a uniqely desgined sleep mask. One like I have never seen before. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to see it. 

This sleep mask us designed different from all the rest. It is made with very durable materials. They would have to when offering a one year warranty with their product. The sleep mask sits up from the eyes, so it won’t ruine your make-up, stick to your eyes, cause any sweating, or anything else any sufferer may have a complaint of. It is also very soft as well as light weight. I liked that part because I do not like bulky things. On the strap of the mask, there are two holes in which the ear plugs can go into. Now, the ear plugs are a squishy foam, so getting them into the holes was a challenge for me. I couldn’t seem to get them into the holes, but I just kept them in the case. The bread and butter of this mask though is the vents on each side. It keeps air flowing into the mask. I really love this feature. It kept from me getting that irritation that I had with other masks. 

Does it work? I can honestly say, Yes!! I did not have any light issues from this mask when I wore it. It was pleasant. I didn’t experience any light coming through the mask. It was quite comfortable to wear as well. The strap on it wasn’t too tight, but it was just right to hold the mask on and in place while I slept. For my migraines, this has been quite the thing for me. My last migraine, I laid down and used this and it did help me TREMENDOUSLY! 

This product was packages very nicely from the seller for shipping as well. I didn’t ecpect it to be packaged so appealing. The seller was very pleasant to me with any questions I had and was very helpful as well. I wouldn’t just say this is a sleep mask. This could be used for health realated issues for migraines, on trips, and much more. 

This product retails for $12.95 USD. If you are looking for more information in regards to this product please feel free to take a visit to them at these links:

and to purchase or see what other people are saying about it, please feel free to visit them on Amazon here : 

I received this product for free using Regardless, I only recommend products that I use personally and think would be a good fit for my readers.

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