Beyondtek Z-767 Ergonomic Waterproof 7 Colors LED Illuminated Backlight Backlit Multimedia USB Wired PC Desktop Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Have you ever ran into an issue where you find the right keyboard but it seems to lack something? No matter how hard you think, you just can’t put your finger on it? I know I use to. I would complain about sticky keys, or the fact that my keys lost their bounce. My mouse wasn’t the greatest either. I would pour a lot of money into a new one just to find out it wasn’t the one for me. 

I was recently offered a wonderful opportunity to review an item from a company called Beyondtek. The offered me a wired mouse and keyboard set to check out and I gladly accepted the offer. This is a wonderful set. As a mother of five children, my kids are always playing games on my computer, not to mention they always seem to spill everything on my keyboard. I don’t know how many keyboards I have truly went through because of that issue. I love that this is waterproof. It made me pretty happy when I seen that this was waterproof in the product description. The seven different color options are fantastic. Color is rich and bright and can be dimmed to the consumers liking. The mouse stays blue. I would have liked it to change colors as well like the keyboard, but it is still pretty cool. I love how this keyboard also has shortcut buttons. It makes it really convenient to put my computer into hibernate or what not. It also has a nice area for wrists to sit on wehich eases comfort with use. The mouse is ergonimically correct and conforms to my hand easily. It is nice and smooth and not touchy like most you see out the market for gamilng use. The best part that I really liked about this is the cords. The cords have a nylon covering to them to help save from them getting shorts or frays. I love that because that is also an issue I tend to experience. All together, I think this is a wonderful set and it is my new favorite. It is well designed, offers many features, and to me if just about perfect.

This product is sold on for $49.99 USD. Fore more information on ordering this item or to read what other reviewers have had to say about this item, please feel free to visit here.

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