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Being a mother of five children means I cook for a small army. I often tend to cook a little extra in case the kids tend to get hungry after dinner sometimes. Having good storage containers is a must as someone who cooks. Not all storage containers are created equal though. Some don’t offer a good seal to maintain freshness while others don’t offer what we are looking for as in terms of use. 

Biokips has just the answer and they make my favorite storage containers. They offer a nice silicone seal on all of their containers with four clip closures on each one offering not only a good seal, but safety in case it were to drop so your food doesn’t go all over the place. These wonderful containers are microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator safe. They are nice and thick and have quality in mind. Made with non-pollutant plastic, they are approved from the FDA for safety. There is a container for just about anything in their line. I had the opportunity to review three of their items in their line. 
These wonderful cereal storage containers are a home run. They definately do as the promise and I will say that I am impressed with them. The pour spout is nice and large so it will be easy to pour from. These clasp on all four sides offers a good grip for closure and to insure freshness. Overall the design of these is fantastic. These are very durable and they are a must have in my home.

This wonderful set offers four different sizes/ Each are microwave and dishwasher safe. I love how not only does the top lock on, but there are four different locks to ensure a perfect seal for freshness. These are made with a nice durable plastic and lids are nice and thick as well as thoe bowls. Closures are top quality. The plastic is no-polluted which is a wonderful thing that I look for when purchasing products for my family. I really like these.

As a mother, I have small children who hate having their food touch. They can get pretty picky at times, so this is a great product for my home. Each container has four clasps to maintain a perfect seal of closure to retain freshness. Inside, the three removal dividers offers a nice touch for taking lunch or storing left overs. These dividers are removable, so you can use the container for something larger if you would like to. These are made out of non-polluted plastic which is something I look for when purchasing products such as these. The added closures also help if you drop this item, because your food isn’t going to go spilling out. I love these and I have told many mom friends about these as well.

This company offers many more products and I hope to purchase these in the future. I am very impressed with these and they are a main staple in my kitchen.

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