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Going to school is a huge milestone in any chld’s life. My five year old just started Kindergarten and has been doing well. I would like to think he was more on the advanced side. He can read the beginner books, knows his way around a computer, and plays on various different educational websites with no issues. I recently met with his teacher and they are working on sight words. This can get overwhleming for kids. To keep my little guy ahead of the game, I searched for something to help with that.

Blue Orange Games offers a line by the name of “Super Genious”. This line offers a variety of cards that has the kids match to help them have fun while learning. They have First Words, Reading 1, Reading 2, Addition, and Multiplication. These games were developed hand-in-hand with teachers which makes me feel pretty good about getting these.

I was offered the First words set to take a look at with my five year old. The box has a magnetic closure to keep the cards in. The cards offer a suitable amount of thickness to them, so they aren’t going to rip easily. The illustrations offer bright colors and are easy for them to determine. The words are in a font and large enough for them to see easily with no issues. The object of the game is to get the kids to match them to the card that would make sense. For example, the pictures with the words. My five year old found this really to understand and I see this working for him after him playing this every few days with me. This game can have 1 to 6 players and is fun for the kids.

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