Brio Toothbrush

I am seriously picky about my teeth. When it comes to eating candy or drinking a soda, I have to brush my teeth immediately. I literally go nuts with even the slightest feeling of plaque on my teeth. I think a person’s smile says a lot about them. If you can’t take care of your teeth, that doesn’t say a whole lot about you. Yes, I do realize teeth issues are beyond some people’s reach because of health issues, there is always an exception to the rule.

At the time, I was using a manual toothbrush and thought I was doing a great job brushing. Little did I know, I could’ve been doing a lot better. I was offered the amazing opportunity to try the Brio Toothbrush and  I immediately accepted. It’s very seldom that you get an opportunity to receive an item like this to review.

The toothbrush is a sonic one. It comes with the base, device, two brush heads, and a very well written instruction manual. There are three different settings on this device as well; normal, soft, and massage. Each option is perfect. If you are a new user like myself, it is recommended that you use it on the soft setting for the first two weeks. I have been and I am so impressed with the results I am seeing. It feels like I had a professional cleaning from the dentist. This device is very quiet. Battery life on this item is exceptional. Feel free to take a look at the video showing this off.

Overall, I am quite impressed with this item and if you are considering of stepping up your dental hygeine routine, I highly recommend this one. This item is sold on for $68.00 USD with a Prime membership. For more information on ordering this product or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here. Feel free to also visit their website for more information on the company and what they have to offer to consumers here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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