Cast Iron Key Hanger / Wall Hook / Decor – Hand Crafted, Recycled, Home Organization Gift Idea

When it comes to home decor, I am a huge stictler. I love things that are different. Things that are stylish, modern, and rustic. I love when people come to my home and notice my latest decorating pieces and this one I have recently found is one that is going to last me a lifetime.

I was recently offered an opportunity to review something many of us all need in our home, a key hanger. I don’t know how many times I have lost my keys and it has become a quite expensive boo boo for me to be honest. I was really excited to have one of these because I was using just a regular hook on the wall and it just wasn’t doing the job for me.

This wonderful keyholder is cast iron, so it is definitely going to be the last one I will have to buy. It is nice and durable and offers a nice rustic feel for the decor. It hangs so nicely on the wall. There are two specified areas for the screws which is what I like It hangs from the middle of the key hanger rather than the top offering it some nice stability on the wall. This wonderful hanger is nice and heavy, so durability of this is amazing! The looped hooks are nice and large so you could hang your heaviest set or even a few sets on each one if you needed to.

All together, I think this is an amazing product and I am going to be getting some of these during the holiday season as gifts for friends. They are a wonderful thing to have and not everyone considers having one of these, but once they do, they can’t imagine how they didn’t.

This product is sold on for $15.49 USD. For more information on ordering this item or to see what other reviewers thought about it, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Images are courtesy of product listing. I have included my own photos on my review there. Feel free to take a look 🙂

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