Chalk Markers By Colore – 6mm Bullet and Chisel Tip – 8 Pack Bright Vibrant Colors

My kids love playing with chalk, but sometimes chalk can be a little tricky for little ones. The stick will break and it isn’t exactly easy for them to use.

Colore’ makes a set of liquid chalk markers that my kids and I absoluely love. Complete with a vairiety of 8 colors, this also comes with a silicone holder for easy storage. The color of the storage container isn’t chosen by the consumer which is a little bit of a bummer, but each color is nice and vibrant, so I am sure you will love it. The box comes with the directions on it which makes it very easy to undestand how to get these started. Unlike many of the colored chalk markers out there, this offers a choice in the tip you use. You can either go for a pointed tip or a rounded one which is sure to help you either write or color perfectly with these. Colors are nice and vibrant and the liquid chalk comes out nicely. Getting these started is something an adult should do as it takes a second to really get them going.

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