Check out these coasters

Are you tired of the same old tired looking coasters that your grandma has too. Well fear no more. Check out these awesome coasters!

The first set I am going to tell you about is the White Tree Set. These are like a durable foam and soak up any condensation. They grip the table they are on and do not slip. They are sure to be a true conversation starter. These coasters were so cool, I almost didn’t want to use them as coasters. They are very modern and fit with my living room decor.

The next set, is a silicone kind. Still, very modern and designed nicely. These are like the first ones, soak up condensation and grips to wear they need to be. These are very easy to wash and dishwasher safe even.

There are many colors to choose from with either set. The colors I chose appeared the same color as when I ordered them.

If you are looking to get some modern and stylish coasters check these out. I have received so many compliments on these. These also would make a great gift for housewarming gifts. I have taken the liberty of posting the links for these items on Amazon in case you are interested in learning more about these.

Coaster 1:

Coaster 2:

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