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Traveling soon or are you as busy as I am most days? Anyway I can gain a extra minute of two I am all for it. Always having what I need at my finger tips is important for saving time. With this clear backpack I can travel anywhere and see what I have or need in second.

This clear backpack is durable and quite large. It has a handle for carry or two adjustable straps for using as a backpack. Another comfortable feature is the wide straps that measure 2.2 inches wide. The main backpack straps have a padded net back with a nylon top. All around the edges is a ridged black nylon material for added strength. While the backpack construction is of clear PVC it still has a stylish look. Across the back is a pad of net to keep the PVC material from touching your back.

Another great thing is the top has a zipper that goes across the top and down both sides. There are two net pockets that are great for water bottles or other beverages. The pockets are deep enough to even hold an travel umbrella.  At the top of the bag is a smaller pocket to hold you wallet, money, keys and so on. Further down is a larger pocket. This pocket is large enough for a book, small tablet or anything similar in size.

The center pocket is very spacious and will hold up to a 15 inch laptop. While the laptop is large there is still room for snacks, a sweater and so on. When measuring the transparent backpack it measures about 17 inches high, 12 inches across and 5 1/2 inches wide.  Easy to clean with a wipe of a damp cloth.

When traveling or attending a function where bags will need some one to inspect them.  These bags will save you time. Just check before traveling or attending these function to insure the bag size will pass inspection. This backpack would be great a a theme park too. The PVC material makes this bag waterproof for the most part.  Another nice things is you will never  have worry about your belongings getting wet even during a water ride.

The only thing that might concern some buyers is that there might be a plastic scent. I detect only a slight odor of vinyl not plastic. The PVC is stiff which is good you will not have to worry about your contents flopping around.  Another good thing is the Velcro closures on the two outside pockets stay closed even when the pockets are full.

Overall, I find this clear backpack designed with the users needs in mind. It can hold the items I need to make my life easier and help me save time. Its easy to keep clean inside and out with just a damp cloth. I was worried about it causing me sweat since it is made of PVC, but I had no issues. If you do have something that you do not want anyone to see you can always have a small cloth pouch to hold those types of personal items.

Teenagers might want to add their own touch to the clear backpack with stickers or other decorative items. Though, what I like is anything I place inside becomes the decorative element of the bag. The bag holds more than I thought possible. This clear backpack will make a great gift for all ages. Go check out this product and the others this seller has to offer you there are so many nice bags to choose from.

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