Cosmetic Organizer And Makeup Storage

If any of you have a teenager, I am sure you can relate when I say they are messy! Teenage girls, even more so. My eldest daughter is soon to be 15 years old. She’s at that age wear she spends countless hours in the bathroom doing her hair and make-up. Perfection is her goal and she will spend whatever amount of time is necessary to achieve that.

Once she leaves the bathroom from making herself look fabulous, it looks hideous. You know that horror movie music that plays?, Yeah, well thats what I hear when I look at the bathroom vanity. She has it all over the top of it. Doesn’t even bother to put it away in her make-up bag and set it under the vanity. I guess it’s too much to ask from her, who knows honestly. I needed to find a solution to where we could meet in the middle, I was going insane.

I was recently offered the opportunity to check out a make-up organizer. When I heard the words make-up and organizer, It’s like there was a harp being strummed. I had to jump on that offer and man am I ever happy I did. I received the make-up organizer in a day…literally. Talk about fast! It came packaged very nicely and left me overall impressed, and I didn’t even open the box yet! LOL

This organizer is made of a nice thick, durable acrylic. It has two pieces to make it to what it looks like. Now, you don’t necessarily have to stack the pieces, but I like to, I think it offers the glam factor. Anyhow, the drawers slide out with the greatest of ease and are nicely sized. These were perfect for my daughter’s make-up, clips, and whatever else she would have laying everywhere. The top part is every womans dream. Slots for lipstick, mascara, nail polish, basically whatever your heart’s desire could be put on that shelf and when it was on there, it was pure organization. It looked wonderful.

I have purchased a few of these in my time and paid a good amount of money in the past for the one’s I have purchased. This one by far is the best and is priced no where near what I had to spend in the past. My ttenage daughter loves it and for once, the top of my bathroom vanity has been staying clean. I am so happy to have been able to try this and what makes this even better, is my teenager’s friends seen this and want one. This would be a perfect gift or something perfect for you.

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