Cotton Guitar Strap With Brown Leather Accents

Playing music has been something I enjoy doing since I was small. I come from a musical family who is very talented. I was taught to play instruments from a very young age and as I grew older, I wanted more of a challenge, so I expanded what I played. At 33 years old, I can currently play the Violin, Piano, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, and the Guitar.

The guitar is one of the first instruments I learned to play. As the years progressed on my playing, I began to figure out what I liked in a Guitar and what I didn’t. I also learned about the various acessories that I liked to have. One of those being a Guitar Strap. There are many out there and like colors, everyone has a certain preferance on what they like. I myself like the cotton straps. As you can imagine, with cotton straps, ther eis a lot of variety out there with these, but a lot of them are very plain looking and boring.

I was recently offered an opportunity to try out this wonderful strap with brown leather accents by a company called StrapSnake Music. I was pretty excited to check this out. This strap is nice and thick offering durability and quality at it’s finest. It is very comfortable across my shoulder as I strum my strings. This has a nice plastic adjuster to modify the length for the consumer. The leather accents really make this strap stand out. With brown quality leather on each end of this strap it’s no wonder why this would be a perfect item for any Guitar enthusiast. The one end of this strap has a very strong lace to tie adding a nice security. Stiching on the leather is very nicely done. I have not noticed any issues with this strap at all and I have been using this for a few weeks. I do play almost daily.

I really like this strap and think it is one of the better ones I have had the opportunity to take a look at. This item is sold on for $14.88 USD. For more information on ordering this item, or to read what other reviewers have thought about it, please feel free to visit here.

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