Culina Bamboo In-Drawer Knife Tray

With having a huge family, I cook a lot. Part of being a successful cook is having the right tools, but what happens when you are unable to find the tools you need? I have limited counter space in my kitchen, so everything is stored in my kitchen drawers. One of those items are my knives. Trying to find them is a pain because they aren’t organized and I am often cut from being careless while looking. 

I stumbled upon a company that offers a great oragnization idea. This company is Innovative world. When I first got in touch with a representative from the company, she was more than welcoming. She offered me two different items to review. I was very excited. She even wished me luck kon my blog. Not a lot of companies do that. I received my items within a matter of a few days and the rep. followed up with me to insure the items were received and reveived in good condition. I was left impressed. If this company had products as good as their customer service, they were going to be a favorite of mine. After looking over the products and testing them out, I came to the decision their products were excellent. Here are the products that I received and what I thought about them. 
This is just the answer for your storage and safety needs when it comes to knives in your kitchen drawer. Made of bamboo, this is solid and heavy. To test this item, I did drop it on the floor a few times to see if it would crack or chip. My efforts were unsuccessfull. This does take most of the room in the drawer. On the bottom of this, there are rubberized stoppers to insure this will not slide in the drawer as it opens. The look of this is very nice. This not only holds my knives for a good safety precaution in my drawer so that I don’t cut myself while looking, but displays them very nicely making the right knife I am looking for easy to find. On the left, there is a section that can be removed to store items like a kitchen scissors or whatever you may like. I am truly inpressed with this item and find that it is a great sotrage solution for your knives that will last many years.

This is a great product for organization as well as safety. I use many knives in my kitchen. I cook many dishes and for a small army. I don’t have a ton of counter space to store my knives in the butcher block they often come in, so they end up tossed in a drawer in the kitchen. I can honestly say, I would often end up hurting myself looking through my mess of knives trying to find the right one and sometimes, I eould just give up because I couldn’t find the one I wanted. It was a lot of frustration. This knife block tray offers the answer I have been searching for. It is very heavy duty and has some weight to it. I tested the strength of this by dropping it a few times on the floor. This stayed as solid as it arrived. It didn’t even crack or chip. When I put it inside my drawer, it fit very nicely and allowed room as well for other items that wouldn’t fit. This was easy to put my knives in. Just set them along the slots. Knives stay in place and are nicely displayed in this as well. I can now find my knives, not get hurt searching, and the drawer looked very organized. I love this product. If you are looking for something to offer storage and safety, this is the product you want

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