Deals on Pool Floats

When it comes to summer fun, we all love to go to the beach and have fun in the sun. Kangaroo Manufacturing has many pool floats for the lake no matter what your age. Whether you are into emojis, fun animals, or just looking for something else, they have just about anything one could think of. Currently, they are running the following sales on these items, feel free to check them out. You can order as many as you would like. Reviews are appreciated, but they are never required. Be sure to grab some extras for those birthday parties and family gatherings. While you are there, check out the other items that are available!

poop w hole$19.95Pool Floats
bacon$15.00Pool Floats
high heel$18.00Pool Floats
pizza$19.95Pool Floats
cherry$5.00Pool Floats
money12Pool Floats
whale$26.00pool floats for kids
large unicorn$15.00pool floats for kids
watermelon ring$6pool floats for kids
small pelican$10.00pool floats for kids
turtle$25.00pool floats for kids
billiards$15.00pool floats for kids
mustache$10.00pool floats for kids
bacon$15.00pool floats for kids
watermelon slice$15.00pool floats for kids
large duck$22pool floats for kids
brown guitar$20pool floats for kids
card$10pool floats for kids
high heel$18.00pool floats for kids
butterfly$15.00pool floats for kids
money$12.00pool floats for kids
Emoji poop raft w hole$19.95pool floats for adults
bacon$15.00pool floats for adults
butterfly$15.00pool floats for adults
turtle$25.00pool floats for adults
watermelon slice$15.00pool floats for adults
cherry$5pool floats for adults
brown guitar$19.95pool floats for adults
money$12pool floats for adults
billiards$15pool floats for adults
island$10pool floats for adults
football$10pool floats for adults
watermelon ring$6pool floats for adults
Double cherry$19pool floats for adults
mustache$10pool floats for adults
fried eggs$10pool floats for adults
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