Electric Styles

Being a mother, I am usually told the newest and greatest things for kids from them. This product was no different. My son is a huge shoe lover and always has to have something awesome that keeps him ahead of the style here. He is what a lot of people would refer to as a “Trendsetter”. The time came to shop for a new pair of shoes, as he goes through them like water, and he set off for something as he would refer to as “cool”. He brought up a webisie called electricstyles.com.

The site is designed to draw attention and awe with their products. I will admit, when browsing some sites, I tend to lose interest with some because they just aren’t appealing. This website offers a fresh and fun feel offering style. After looking at the various items they have to offer, I wanted to approach them to see if I could review an item. There was minimal information I could find on the web in regards to them, I, as a consumer and blogger, wanted to get to be one of the first lucky few to check them out. 
I reached out to the site and was greeted from Jenna. Jenna was very easy going and friendly and was more than happy to assist me in my blog review endeavor. I was offered the choice of style as well as size. I really had a wonderful service experience from this company as an all around whole. The shoes arrived right on time as promised and were packaged perfectly. The package included a dual charger, easy to understand instructions, and the shoes of course. 

The moment my teenage son seen these, he had to charge them to get them ready to wear at school. They did arrive with a charge, but it is suggested to charge them once received.. When they charge, there is a light to ndicator that they are which offers a piece of mind. These are true to size in my opinion. I ordered my son’s usual size that he takes and these fit him no different than his others he has had in the past. The charging port for these is hidden and causes no irritation while wearing as it is undetectable, That is if you wear them without knowing their capabilities. The comfort level of these is wonderful. The provide good arch support and     can be worn all day without experiencing any issues.

My son wore these to school and it was time to test how cool these truly were and how long the battery life would indeed last. Offering a variety of settings, these shoes can be set to match or be different. Each shoe will need to be set on it’s own to the desired setting. Colors are bright and vibrant and I will admit, I was even thinking that I needed a pair of these as well. He turned them to the various settings they offer throughtout the school day. He attends school for seven hours a day. He does shut them off during phy-ed. So, we will say they are in use for six hours a day. The battery life on these does hold true to it’s promises. He even had a bit of a charge when he arrived home that day as well. Traction for these is typical for tennis shoes as well. A good majority of his friends, team mates, and other students from his school and others inquired about these shoes. 

These shoes are not only comfortable but hold true to their promises for a quality product, To look at other products this company has to offer, please feel free to visit their website located at http://www.electricstyles.com/ These do retail for $79.97 USD with free shipping for Prime members. For further ordering information as well as other reviews, please feel free to visit here.
This product was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review.


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