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Electronics are a popular item when it comes to the retail market. You will find many products out there but not all products are created equal. Some are just complete garage and priced outlandishly. Some are great, but way out of a person’s price range that has a family.

Elivebuy is a company that sees that. They offer quality products at an affordable price for consumers. I was recently offered to review three of their items and I gladly accepted. I recevied some pretty neat products in my opinion. This company sent the items in the blonk of an eye. I had them within a few days and they were packaged nicely. This company offered exceptional customer service and followed up with me to insure the products arrived and arrived safely. Here are the products I received and what I thought of them.

[Magic Prop] – Elivebuy® 3200mAh Ultra-Compact Portable Charger Lipstick-Sized External Battery Power Bank with Suction Cup Mount for iPhone 6 Plus 5s 5c 5 4S, Galaxy S5 S4 S3 Note 3, 4, Nexus 4, HTC One M8, Nokia Lumia 520, 1020 and Other Smartphones – Blue (Wireless Phone Accessory)
This small and unique design is sure to be one of your favorites as well as one of your teens. With the wonderful variety of colors available, it offers a little something for everyone. I love how it is one color and accented with another. It really makes it look pretty cool. This is small enough to put in your pocket or purse which is something i really like. I also like how thi can prop up your phone. I love to stream a lot of things from my phone but unfortunately my case just doesn’t have a kickstand. This power bank has a nice little suction cup which ataches to the back of your phone and a small base on the other end to prop your phone up nicely. When it comes to charging my phone this performed as promised. I was able to get a full charge from zero percent within a little over an hour which was quite impressive. I did manage to get about 2 1/2 charges to my phone from the battery being ompletely empty before having to recharge the hub itself. I really love this one and so do my teens and their friends.

[6.4oz] iMiX – Elivebuy® 10000mAh Dual-Port Ultra-Thin Compact External Battery Portable USB Charger Power Bank For iPhone 6 / 6 Plus 5S 5C 5 4S, iPad Air 2,iPad mini 3 (Lightning Adapter Not Included), Galaxy S5 S4 S3, Note 3 4, Tab 4 3 2 Pro, Nexus, HTC One, One 2 (M8), LG G3, Nexus, MOTO X and More (Wireless Phone Accessory)
This sleek and stylish power bank is sure to impress you. With the ability to charge two different devices at a time, this stays nice and cool. It was a little bigger than I anticipated, but it is still thin which is what I like. It is small enough to put in your purse or suitcase while traveling. This comes with easy to understand instructions as well as a USB charging cord. I have never seen a power bank like this as in terms of the style with the vibrant colors. My teenager wanted this immediately. When It comes to charging your devices, this does charge them rather quickly. I was able to charge my devices a few times from being completly drained to 100 percent before having to charge the power bank. I am quite inpressed with this and it is certainly a favorite

Elivebuy® 5 Watt Driver Portable Waterproof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker Rugged Wireless For Outdoor/Shower with Built-in Microphone & Suction Cup & Snap Hook – Army Green (Electronics)
This little speaker can pack some sound! The instructions are easy to understand and pretty basic. This pairs just like any other bluetooth speaker out there. Once my bluetooth found this device it came up c6 and I paired it. Away I was off to jam out. This comes with a USB charging cord as well as a nice hook to use to attach to your bag. The hook is nice and durable as well as the cord. This speaker has a little bit of weight to it. Most good speakers do but I guess because of the size of this, I didn’t expect much. Once I turned it on, I was surprised. This gets nice and loud. Even on the loudest volume, the speaker doesn’t distort which is pretty awesome. Sound is crisp and clear with the right amount of bass. Some speakers have too much bass so when it is turned up it just sounds a mess, not this one. The buttons are nicely covered and protected. They have a good spring to them. Suction cup is nice and big and seems to stay in place when in the shower. The signal is really good with my phone. When using this with a phone call sound is crisp and clear to the other caller with little background noise. I have tried many speakers like this and this is one of the best ones I have come across soundwise!

These products are great in my opinion and if you are in themarket for any of these, I would highly recommend them. 

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. 

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