Emori brand products.

As women, we all look for the latest and greatest in make-up products. We need a variety, that goes without saying. I look for color variety, brush variety and much more. Each day a woman doesn her make-up is a day where she reflects how she is feeling with her personality whether its fun and flirty or laid back and mellow. To achieve these looks, we need many colors and tools. With so many out there, it does become tough to choose. 

I recently stumbled acorss a make-up company called Emori. A friend of mine had tried their products and had told me about them. She had so many wonderful things to say, I had to see it for myself. Once I went to this company and asked if I could try some of their products, they gladly obilged. I was met with exceptional customer service from this company which was something I wasn’t expecting. I thought she would just be sending me some samples, but I was wrong, she sent me full sized palettes leaving me floored. 
In my package, I received these items:
Each of these colors is uniwue and beaituful. I love how there are two colors per stick. Brushes are nice quality and don’t shed as you are doing your nails. I had to add two coates, but I have to with even the more expensive nail polishes to get the full color effect. This offered nice metallic colors and didn’t chip easily. The duration of wear with this is just as good as the more pricier brands in my opinion. Overall, i think this is a wonderful set with a great color paletter offered.

Amp up your pallette of colors with this wonderful diamond dust collection. There is such an amazing variety with this and I am truly impressed. This set does come with applicators and I love how there is a mirror in the palette as well for application. When applied, colors are rich, vibrant, and shimmery. You can’t go wrong with this one. I use the eyeshadow primer with Emori and it really seems to not only make the color pop with these, but helps it last longer. Ladies, this would be perfect for your make-up arsenal.

Using primer is a good way to go through less make-up and have overall better results with your make-up. I loved using primer, but it was so expensive, so I would only use it periodically. I was offered the chance to check this one out and I was pretty stoked. This squeezes out f the container very easily. It just takes a small amount to offer a good base deom longwear. This will help your eyeshawdow stay on much longer and keep that color as vibrant as when you first applied.

This set is great to spice up any look. My teenager loves to be different with her make-up style so this set was a perfect addition for her make-up arsenal. The brushes are decent for application, but this is a tough product to get on for the results they offer in the photos. With some time and patience, the results can be achieved. All together, once you have the desired look on application, this does seem to stay on very well until you take it off.

I really love having a mascara set with such a variety of brushes. It helps me achieve whatever look I am going for and to me that is worth it. There are ten different brush styles in this set, each offering something different. This is perfect for the true make-up enthusiast. The brushes offer perfect voluminizing. I am not a huge fan of waterproof mascara, but there is always that occasion where it is needed. Each brush is numbered, so you know exactly what you will be using. Perfect and a must have.

The variety of this palette is absolutely wonderful. Complete with applicators, this set of shadows seems to stay on well. I do use the eyeshadow primer from Emori while I use these hues. It does seem to last when wearing. Colors are rich, deep, and vibrant. I haven’t experienced any skin irritation while using 

So as you can see, all of their products are good quality and quite impressive in my opinion. This company is exceptional and if you would like to fell free to visit their comapny website http://www.emoribeauty.com/. Their products are all sold on Amazon.com at very reasonable prices. I have included hyper links to click on them so that you may see. This is a wonderful make-up line. 

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. 
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