Footboeing Products 5 in 1 Tire Pressure Gauge

With varying temperatures of the mid-west it does a real number on your car. One of the main ones it affects that most people don’t think to consider is the tire pressure. It varies as your temperature outside drops or plummets. Many people also don’t think of safety precautions if there is the worst case scenario. It is always good to be prepared for these things, but many people ask how or often don’t consider what can happen.

I was recently offered an opportunity to review a 5 in 1 Tire Pressure Gauge byt a company by the name of Footboeing products. I was excited to take a look at it because I am a worse case scenario thinker. This device offers a seat belt cutters, a window hammer, a compass, tire pressure gage, and a bright flashlight. This device has lithium and regular batteries and is brightly colored red.

Upon looking at this, it seems very durable. The nice red color offers an easy sight when you may become in distress. I am the type of person when in a situation that is stressful, I find it hard to find a train of thought. The flashlight is very bright and nice and the screen is very easy to read for tire pressure. When used in comparison with my other one that I know is top notch, this was right up there with it for accuracy. As far as the seatbelt cutter and the window hammer, I haven’t used it to be honest. I am sure they are nice and work appropriately however. The compass is very nice as well, and can really become a valuable asset if you shall become lost.

I really like this device and as a mother, it offers me a piece of mind that I am at least taking some emergency measure in case of the worst scenario of things.

This product is sold on for $19.99 USD. For more information on ordering this item or to see what other reviewers think about this product, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Product images are courtesy of the product listing on To enter to win one of these. Leave me a comment on why you would like to have one. US entrants only and sponsor is responsible for getting your prize to you. Contest will end at 7 pm CST on 2/17/2015.

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