Fractioned Coconut Oil by Majestic Pure

Winter months can really do a number on a person’s skin, especially if you are a person who lives in teh mid-west. The temperatures plumet well below zero, drying out skin to the point of no return. Many will re-apply fragranced lotion only to received no help with this issue.

Fractioned Coconut oil is the answer to dry skin issues. Simply apply it after your shower and your skin will absorb this very nicely. One thing about this paticular brand of oil, is that it doesn’t have any scent, so you aren’t going to smell like a coconut all day long. This is perfect for people who are sensitive to fragrances as well as sensitive skin sufferers. With it absorbing into the skin quickly, you don’t get that greasy feel you would expect with using this product.

Another great use for this stuff is to add some to your hair. It adds a lot of shine to dull air and also can nourish dry scalp. Not many people know that. It is also a great heat protectant as well if you are a person who uses heat styling products. Once you begin to use this on your hair, you will see what I mean. This also helps maintain frizz issues as well.

If added to essential oils, this helps kick them up a notch as well helping the scent last a little longer. I like to use lavender as well a ylang ylang with this to make my own perfume. It smells absolutely wonferful and the greatest part, you aren’t using any harmful chemicals. There are so many wonderful uses for this oil, that the possibilities are truly endless for this product.

This product arrives very quickly and is packaged accordingly so there isn’t a huge mess when you recieve this item. It comes with a twist on cap that can be opened or closes with the simplest of ease. This is sold on for $16.50 USD. To read further reviews or for more information on purchasing this product, please visit here.

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