Francois et Mimi Single Wall Borosilicate Glass French Coffee Press, 50-Ounce

Coffee, it’s a drink we all love and enjoy. Many enjoy it in a variety of ways but when it comes to one thing, we all look for convenience and ease in preperation.

I’ve never had the opportunity to drink coffee from a french press maker, so I was pretty excited to give this a try. Made of glass with stainless steel accents and a wooden handle, this is very sleek and stylish. This offers the potential to make a lot of coffee as well which is something I did like about it. Stabalized by a great base, this sits nice and sturdy on surfaces. The filter portion is nice in snug in the container offering security that you will not have any coffee grounds in your cup of coffee. Directions for use were very easy to follow and understand. The convenience offered with using this makes having that cup of coffee quickly and easily. I expected to have coffee grounds in my cup and this to be strong, but I was wrong, it offers a delicious cup of coffee. This would make a great gift for a coffee enthusiast.

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