Hamilton Reflective Dog Leash

Having two dogs in the house means that we need to take them for walks. Sometimes they have so much energy that more than one walk is necessary. Living in the country, technically, we don’t have to put them on a leash… well towns people will say that… but for me..I have to for their safety.  Part of walking them so much means that sometimes it will be done in the dusk and sometimes dark. When this happens there needs to be safety precautions in place. I wear bright clothing and of course put the dogs in their little reflective vests, but if there were more precautions to take, would you take them? I would. One can never be too safe. Hamilton offers a reflective dog leash which is another precaution to take while out walking your k-9 friends.

This leash is very thick. Length is a good amount which is what I like to see with leashes. The handle offers ample room for any size wrist. The reflective properties to this really aren’t noticable until you are out using it at night or dusk. When it is that time, well it is evident there are reflective properties and this leash is pretty awesome as far as a safety measure goes. Not only does it offer the reflective properties, but it has a cool pattern as well. I haven’t seen a product like this out on the market, but I do think there is a need for one and this will do well. I have even had a few people in town ask me what kind of color it was and where I purchased it.

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