Hand Heat Therapy Pad by Dr. Soooothe

Aches and Pains, we all have them and dismiss them as much as we can and when we can’t, well there are heating pads and such to remedy the situation of that, but what happens when it is in an area where you really can’t get a heating pad? 

My husband works some pretty long hours and with that comes some aches and pains after a long shift on his feet. A good foot rub helps, and so does soaking his feet, but you can really only do that for so long. His ankles really seem to bother him a lot so I figures I would try to step up my game for him. I am sure if you have ever been lucky enough to get a massage, you know that heat added to it really amps it up. There isn’t a whole lot of things to use to do that though. 

Dr. Soooothe has something called a Hand Heat Therapy Pad. This is quite the neat little invention. It is literally shaped like a hand, so it contours very nicely when in use. There is even a little hand on there that your hand slips through to control this during use. This pad has Quarts in it which has been rumored to aid in healing advantages by attracting life force from your core so that it nourishes your mind, emotions and physical body! The Quartz is available in three different color choices, red, purple, or black. I chose the red. one. 

Now, this can be warmed up in a few different ways. The instructions state to take a pan and boil some water on the stove with a cloth on the bottom of the pad to heat this up. I worried about ruining this, so instead for me, I boiled water, and just poured it into a bowl and soaked this into the water in the bowl. This is NOT microwave safe folks. It states that specifically on the directions, so please pay attention to that. I soaked this in the hot water for about five minutes and this did indeed get very hot. The information on this product states it can get up to  130 Degrees Fahrenheit and keeps it there for up to 2.5 hours. It stayed warm for me a little under two hours, but I didn’t get this really hot because I didn’t want to scald my hand. This has the smart click technology as well which aides in sustaining the heat. This product is not limited to only heat, it can be frozen as well or chilled. 

This product measures 6 1/2 inches long and 4 inches wide. It fits perfectly in the consumers hand and the strap sits comfortably around your hand. This is relatively light weighing only 8.5 oz. The gel is clear and materials seem to be very durable. This is a really great alternative to other things on the market in my opinion because this doesn’t use electricity and you can use this over and over again.

This product retails for $9.95 USD on Amazon.com. For more information about this product or other products offered from this company, please feel free to visit the company website located hereTo order this item off of Amazon, or to read more information or other reviews, please feel free to visit here

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