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After having my children, I struggled with many things I haven never had to before. Loss of memory, I was always hyper, and I just couldn’t keep my attention on anything. It was getting to bother me to be honest. I tried different techniques; meditation, me time, post-it note reminders and so much more. It finally got to the point of where I was losing sleep due to this issue. Nothing I did worked for me to help the situation.

Being a blogger, sometimes you get the opportunity where a seller will approach you and ask if you would like to try their product. Once the seller told me about this product, I was on board with this. I began taking this supplement 12/14/14. I followed the instructions on this product and hoped for the best.

The testamonials seemed promising with this product, but as wel all know, we can’t go by those all the time. Half of them are paid testamonials and others, well others make you really wonder to be honest. For me, I was desperate for results. To be my old self again when it came to being calm and focused seemed like a dream come true. It was worth it in my eyes.

The first few weeks of taking this, I didn’t notice anything. No jitters, no upset tummy, no help with my memory or anything. The gel capsules were easy to swallow which was an added plus with this. I figured I would continue taking this for a few more weeks and if I didn’t see the results I had hoped, there was no loss and I would simply stop taking them. By the third week taking this, I did begin to notice a difference.

I was a lot more calm. My husband even noticed this. He asked if I had a New Year’s Resolution or something to calm down, I stated no, but even he noticed which was a huge surprise. This in turn made me happy, so I am not at all totally sure if this is a result of my being a little more happier. Who knows I guess. I also noticed something else. I am more focused. Like when it comes to my writing here with the blog and doing my reviews. I usually take forever when it comes to doing them because I just can’t seem to focus. I needed that train of thought to stay with me and it just wouldn’t. It does now for me. It sounds crazy, but everything isn’t running through my head a million miles an hour.

Now, I know, reading this, you are probably raising an eyebrow. I would too to be honest. I was a skeptic myself with this sort of stuff. I just didn’t see there being a magic pill for something like this, but there is, and it works. If you struggle with issues like this, I would recommend you giving this a try like me.

For more information in regards to this product, please feel free to visit their website located here. This product is sold for $39.95 USD.  This product is sold on Amazon.com. For more information about ordering or to read other reviews, please feel free to visit here.

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