Heating Pad Neck & Shoulder Heat Therapy Gel Pad Wrap – with Purple Quartz

Being a mother of five kids can be very stressful. I guess I am one of those types of people where i store all my stress in my shoulders. Eventually, my shoulders get so tight and burn to the point of where I have a difficult time moving. I have tried many different things to try to help with this, but I can’t sit with a heating pad on the couch and creams get really stinky. 

I came across this wonderful therapy pad as I was browsing for different answers to help remedy my ailment. I liked the fact this product had Quartz in it because of what has been written on the internet about it. According to various articles quartz crystals offer healing advantages by attracting life force from your core so that it nourishes your mind, emotions and physical body! This product is also equipped with the smart snap technology which I have used in a few other products which works great for maintaining heat. 

To use this product, you are going to need a pretty large boiling pot. I say that because this is a pretty large gel pad. Simply put a cloth on the bottom of the pan to prevent you from damaging gel pad. I boil this on average for 20-25 minutes. Now this is the only downside I have found with this product. When you think about it though, you have to wait for a heating pad to warm up for a little bit and that isn’t as comfortable as this is going to be for you. After boiling this, I usually remove it with a pair of tongs. This does get very hot so I like to let it cool for about five minutes before use. Not everyone is the same though with heat tolerance. My husband can use this right after it was boiling and not even flinch. This sits around the neck and on top of your shoulders very nicely. It doesn’t have much weight to it. It weighs a little over two pounds. There are three different sections to this pad and each has six indentations to keep gel into place evenly. Each section measures 7 1/2 inches long and 5 inches wide making the total length of this 22 1/2 inches. The purple quarts also helps aid in maintaining the heat for this. The product seems to be made with some durable products. This does seem to perform as promised offering heat for over two hours. 

This does wonders for my shoulders when they are tight. I usually will put this on my shoulders for about a half hour and my muscles aren’t burning and my shoulders feel a lot looser. My husband uses this as well and it seems to help him as well, only hish tightness is from working and lifting fifty pound blocks for twelve hours a day.  This is a really great alternative to other things on the market in my opinion because this doesn’t use electricity and you can use this over and over again. 

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