HLC.ME Damask 300 Thread Count Duvet Cover Set (King, Mocha)

My bedroom. It is one of the few places the kids don’t go into and mess and my sactuary. Every night when I go in there, it is a nice relaxing oasis for me. I will admit, I have spent a little bit on certain things I like and which I know are safe from my little angels with horns. One of those things is a down comforter. My room is the coldest one of the house for some reason and I finally made the investment to get a nice heavy one. It’s incredibly soft and fluffy. Using it not only keeps me warm, but helps me feel like I am being pampered in some instance. 

As many of you know there are many comforters that are a huge pain to clean and can get costly. One of those is a down comforter.Especially the size I have, king size. After having to pay to have it cleaned once, I searched for ways to help protect my precious comforter and to be able to still use it. I don’t mind washing it, but I wanted to make it so it was like more once a month than once a week. Anyhow, I received a suggestion from a friend of mine to try a duvet cover. I have never heard of one of these until this suggestion. 
A duvet cover can add some style to your room as well as protect your comforter. I really had nothing to lose here, so I was off to go look for one. I found one on Amazon.com from a company called HLC.ME. This company offered a cariety of colors for my needs and I was truly excited. It only took a few days to arrive and I was shredding the box open immediately to get it on my comforter. The set I received has two king sized pillow shams that come with the duvet cover. All are made with 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. 
Putting this on was a breeze. It has button enclosures to help ensure your comfortor with stay in side of the cover which is a nice feature. The material of this is nice and silky making it so easy to get your comforter inside. My first night sleeping with it was awesome. It was soft, smooth, and I wasn’t worrying if one of the cats were to hop up, if I hwas going to have to hurry wand wash it. Color is as wonderful as pictured from the advertised listing. There are many more colors offered for this style as well in case you are interested. Quality of this is exceptional from the material all the way to the stitching. I am impressed with this and would like to get a few more. 
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