Insulated Cooler with Adjustable Shoulder Strap by Sacko

When it comes to taking lunches from home, we want something that is not only large enough but something that is going to keep it nice and cold. There are many different lunch bags out there on the market all sized differently. Some may suit some while for others it just won’t perform.

This wondeful lunch bag offers the perfect amount of size as well as insulation for lunches for my brother. I make him lunches for work so that he can eat healthy. He is a bachelor and like most his age, they will eat junk food or out of a box if you let them. I usually will make him a few sandwhiches add some bottled water and much more and this offers plenty of room.

Black and red with grey accents, this lunch bag has a mesh compartment on the side which is perfect for storing bottles of water. The zipper on this is a little tough to manuever. It doesn’t get caught, it just has to be lined up right otherwise it gets into the way of the insulating part. There are two different pulls for the zipper. This has metal pulls and a plastic zipper. This has a nice thickness with the insulator. The strap is nice and long and can be adjusted with the plastic adjuster. I did notice a couple loose strings on the strap here and there throughout usage. The other parts and components to this lunch bag seem durable.

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