Kids Shoes Toddler Sandals Adorable Tank Clogs Review by Clogstrom

I have five children, so it should come as no surprise that kids items are a hot item for me to review. I love finding the latest and greatest things when it comes to items for them because when it comes to testing them, I can offer a lot of insight. When it comes to footwear for them, all the more better.

I was recently offered the opportunity to review some toddler sandals. They are the cutest things ever! There is a company on Amazon called Clogstrom. They offer a twist to the normal clogs that kids love. These ones have a twist of color with a flare of a tank. Designed to look like little tanks, I think they are the cutest ever. Everything is perfect with these, down to the last detail My little guy absolutely loves these and it should come to no surprise. They are comfortable, easy to put on, and let his tiny feet breath while outdoors and in the house. He says they’re hit army guy shoes. Wahtever the case, as long as it saves me from the headache of him not wanting to wear shoes, I am all for it. 
These run true to their size. Usually with clogs, I have found that many seem to run on the bigger side. This is not the case when it comes to these. There an assortment of color choices when it comes to purchasing these, so they don’t necessarily need to be just for little boys, little girls can enjoy wearing these as well. Jaxson has been wearing these for a few days and so far they seem to be holding ujp very nicely. He normally is very hard on footwear but then again, what boy isn’t.

These clogs are sent in a cute gift box. I will have to say when I first received these, they had a strong odor from the material, but the odor went away after a few hours. I just set them outside for a bit. Other than that, no issues. I really like these and wish they offered them in a range of sizes that were for older folks too because there have been a few older adults say they were cool. 
This product is sold on Amazon. com for $19.77 USD with Prime. For more information on ordering this item, or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

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This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. 

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