King Sage Silky Soft bed sheets 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set

O.k. I’ll admit, I am a picky girl when it comes to my sheets. They have to be soft. Well not just soft, luxurios. …Yeah that’s the word. After having my family, I was on a tight budget and was unable to get what I liked, so I settled with the Wal-Mart cheapies that come with the bed in a bag sets. Boy, was that ever a mistake. Not only were they like sleeping on sandpaper, but they didn’t last. Before I knew it, they would be unraveling. I had always told myself that I was going to set money aside to purchase some sheets that would spoil me so to speak. Having sandpaper sheets may not seem like a huge deal to some, but to me, it affected my sleeping patterns.

So what type of sheets was I a slave for? Cotton! I just loved the softness and feel of them. It was like sleeping on a soft cloud. I never thought anything would be better than cotton sheets…ever! That is until I had the opportunity to try something new. What are they you ask? 100% Rayon from Bamboo sheets. Now, I am sure you just read this raising an eyebrow. I know when I received the offer to try these, I had no clue about them. Well, you are going to want to know about these. They are a small piece of heaven that is sure to offer you bliss as you snooze away in your bed.

I ordered the king size as I have a king size bed. Upon receiving these, it stated in the directions specifically about the care of these. Now, you are going to want to listen to this. Gentle cycle, cold water, organic detergent, air dry on dryer setting or if you can, hang them out on the line. No fabric softener needed. These sheets are so soft anyhow, you don’t need it. I normally wash my sheets like this, so I mean it wasn’t a huge deal, but I know some people. wash their items a certain way, so it is important to follow the care instructions with these, so they can remain as awesome as the day they arrived to you. O.k., so now that we got the technical stuff out of the way, after you wash these, they are going to look wrinkled. I don’t mean wrinkled… I mean OMG what the heck just happened here wrinkled. Fear not, just shake them out really good before hanging them out on the line and it will help. Now, I am not saying all wrinkles will go, but most will and once you put them on the bed, they will be gone. Did these shrink? Not really, at least not that I noticed and the color didn’t fade either from what I could tell. I did put some vinegar in the first wash to help the color. So maybe it helped a bit.

These fit my bed perfectly. Now, I have a Sealy Hybrid king size mattress. I have a very hard time with my Wal-Mart cheapies fitting it, but these, fit perfect. The sizing of the king size set is awesome for this company. King size pillow cases too. Perfect. They did an exceptional job factoring measurements. I had mt bed all made and I was ready to test my new sheets. I actually went to bed early, that’s how stoked I was to try these. A soft shet of sheets, I was so stoked. Now, a few of you may remember when I wrote my post about the duvet cover and the down comforter… these sheets were from the same company. So, when I crawled in bed, I felt like a total princess. A puffy comforter and soft sheets….it was the perfect set up for a good night’s rest!

When I laid in my bed, I have never been more comfortable in my life. I am one of those people who is always cold, but the hubby is one that is always hot. These sheets kept him cool and me warm believe it or not. I know, it sounds totally crazy, but its true. That night, I didn’t get up a million times, I slept like a baby. I woke up in my soft comfortable bedding and the sheets made me want to be lazy and stay in bed all day. These sheets should probably come with a warning for that. May cause consumers to not want to leave their bed!

Looking at the material, it is durable. There were no loose threads and stitching was nice and straight. Seams were perfectly in tact and reinforced. Even after washing, the sheets retained their integrity. I can tell just by the look of these and feel these will last a considerable amount of time.

At any rate, I had to tell you about these, as a matter of fact, I have to tell everyone.. these are AMAZING!  If you haven’t tried these, put these on a wish list and try to, you will not regret it. I need more sets of these that is for sure. These will be on my gift list that is for sure.

These are sold on for $79.99 USD with Prime. For more information on ordering these or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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