Kitchim Mega Brick Candy Mold/Ice Cube Tray – Lego Figures + Bricks – Two Pack – Silicone

Being a mother of five children, I am always on the look-out for the latest and greatest things for them. I love spending time cooking and baking with them and trying to make meals fun for them. With the younger children, this is almost a must.

The Kitchim Mega Brick Candy Mold / Ice Cube Tray is just the answer. I was sent the Lego guys and bricks silicone trays. They are just cute. My youngest kids really got a kick out of them. I haven’t had a chance to make candy with them yet, due to the hectic schedule of their after school activities, but we have made ice cubes with them.

The silicone trays are pretty neat. It makes getting the ice out a breeze. You simply fill them with water and wait a few hours for tons of fun. It makes the molds absolutely perfectly. My four year old son even gets to help with this and he thinks it is pretty cool. I would recommend if you have very small children to watch them with this as the heads on the small Lego guys are small, so if they were to detach from the body, it could propose a choking hazard. I just simply put a small straw in the drink and have my little guy drink from that. The Lego bricks are pretty awesome as well. You can’t stack them, but to little ones into Legos, they will think this is just awesome.

I am really excited to be able to make home made chocolates with the kids this weekend to see what they think. These could really come in handy when trying to decorate cupcakes or cakes as well. The possibilities are truly endless with these. I love them. If you are looking to add some fun in the kitchen with your kiddos, I recommend you try these with them.

This product is sold on for $8.10. For more information about ordering this product or to read what other users have said about this, please feel free to visit here. The seller also has some photos of the chocolate result with these on that page.

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