Kocaso Flash One 3G Smartphone – Unlocked – Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)

In the mainstream economy, there is almost no one out there without a cell phone. Not only do they add a convenience for most of us, but in some instances, they are cheaper than having a regular landline. Many companies have realized this and have expanded the cell phone choices available to consumers, but some carriers have exclusive phones to help entice the potential customer come to their company. In my opinion, this is a huge drawback. If you offer wonderful service, your customer base should come easily.

When I moved out to where I am now in the country, I was forced to switch carriers. I won’t name them just because, but the carrier I swtiched to was not only more expensive, but has less of a variety of phones. Every one I was offered was extremely pricey and for my 15 year old daughter, I am certainly not going to get her one of those. It’s a little extravagant. We took her onto a pre-pay plan because of this issue and she was not happy with us to say the least.

I was recently offered the opportunity to test out the Kocaso Flash One 3G Smartphone. I knew it was unlocked based on the listing, so I was all for this phone and testing it. I used this phone for a week and then put my teen up to testing it. If any of you have a teenager, you will agree that they are the best ones to test cell phones as they seem to be on them all the time.

I popped in my sim card for this phone and started using it. Offering the Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean platform, this phone offers access to the Google Play store for downloading apps. Downloading on this phone is no different than any Android based phone. The touchscreen on this phone is really no different from the more pricier brands. It isn’t too touchy. This is perfect for gaming. As a mother of five children, my kids love to take my cell phone and play games all the time and they haven’t said anything about the game freezing or lagging. Color quality on this phone is exceptional as well as the clarity of the screen. This is unlocked, and basically what that means, is it can go on basically any network that has a sim card base. Some that I am aware that offer this are Verizon and AT&T. Verizon also offers a pre-pay service which is sim card based, so you can use this for pre-pay purposes as well. Settings and options are fantastic with this phone and I don’t really see a whole lot of difference with those in comparison with the other phones out there, just different tones for the most part. As in terms on camera quality, the back is a 2MP camera, so it does well for that. The front camera to me, is just okay, but with any phone, the front camera is never as good as the back one. This phone comes with pretty much everything you need except for the case to protect that actual phone. Call quality is wonderful. I haven’t experienced any dropped calls while using this phone and the other caller can hear me perfectly. When I asked the other caller if they could tell I was on a different phone, they were unable to tell the difference.

When I put my daughter up to using this, she had the same opinions of it and didn’t want to switch back to her old phone. She still uses this phone and absolutely love it. For a teen to like it, it certainly means something there.

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