Kocaso Products ~ Summer Ideas

As a mother of five children, I am always looking for items to keep them busy and entertained. Summer time is almost here which means many family vacations and trips. If you are a parent like me, you will understand when I say car rides are so much better with tablets and phones. Yes, we have a mini van, so space isn’t an issue, but they all seem to find the biggest issues with eachother on those long car rides. As much as many of us would like to, cranking up the radio and hoping they get the picture is not something that works, they just get louder. For years, I dealt with this because let’s face it, kids have energy and sitting on a long trip in the car just ins’t realistic. I mean they can only look at so much scenary.

With technology out there, I stumbled upon something great. No scratch that, fantastic. Tablets and phones. We have a couple in our household and last trip, we offered them to the kids. It was a pleasant car ride full of peacfulness. The thing with that is, our phones and tablets were a little pricey for the kids to have them at their disposal. I set out to find some affordable but good ones. I have two teenagers and there is no way they were going to go for a cheap off brand that couldn’t offer them what they wanted.

I ran across a company called Kocaso on Amazon.com. They also have a company website located at http://kocaso.com/. This company has a wide variety of electronics they offer. Now, believe me when I say this, I had no clue this company had this many products. I have never heard of them until stumbling upon them on Amazon. I wanted to scope them out and see about their products, so I sent them an email and was greeted from a representative named Lora. She was the most helpful customer service representative I have encountered in a long time. Sure, other companies have good customer service, I am not denying this, but this company was on it more than others. My e-mail was answered like within an hour. Impressive. They were so nice when I asked to review some of their items. They sent me a three different tablets as well as an unlocked phone to take a look at. Now, with most electronic products, I usually will take a month to test them out, and these were no different. I have been so excited to tell you all what I think about them. Check it out in my blog posts coming up everyone! You aren’t going to want to miss these!

Here are the items I am reviewing:


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