Kohree® Bright 46 Led Solar Motion Sensor Light / Kohree 6 Led Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Light

Living far out in the country, outdoor lighting is almost a necessity. It literally gets so dark outside here that if you were to hold your hand up in front of your face, you wouldn’t see it. It can get a little spooky with the wildlife out here too without a light and walking outside to be honest. I was almost caught in the line of fire from a little skunk friend who likes my yard.

I was recently offered an opportunity to check out some pretty neat solar lights from a company called Kohree. The gal with the company by the name of Gillian is exceptional. She offers wonderful customer service and if you have any questions or concerns, she is right there to answer them. I really like a company that offers great customer service. It says a lot about them and how much they truly value their customers.

I tried to different lights from this company and so far, I am very impressed. Both are solar lights. I live in the frigid mid-west and these still get a great charge, offer a good amount of light, and have lasted through temperatures of 30 below. This is a wonderful alternative for me as well because I don’t need to leave the outside lights on and burn my electricity. These lights are equipped with a motion sensor which is not touchy at all. To be honest, I had a concern with that prior to installing these lights. I have little deer friends and such out there and I worried they would trip them. That wasn’t the case. The sensor is wonderful and seems to really work when someone is coming up to the back entry way of to the side of my home where I have these installed.

Installing these were a piece of cake. It took me less than five minutes to install both of these which was really surprising for me because I am not good when it comes to that stuff. It gave me a boost of self esteem to be honest..lol. These lights came complete with hardware for the installation as well. No surprises on what you were going to need or any fuss having to try to find it. All together, I will say I am very impressed with these products and I would highly recommend them to any of you. The light they give off and the ease of installation is what really is awesome about these.

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