Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

As a mother of five children, I quickly learned how easy it is for kids to miss areas when brushing. I have tried just about everything under the sun to not only try to make brushing fun for the kids, but to also get the job done. Needless to say, whatever I have tried has lost it’s luster within a few weeks with them. So, I went back to the drawing board in search for something else.

I stumbled upon the Kolibree Smart Toothbrush. This is the first smart toothbrush out on the market. This has a  slim design, is lightweight and a bright white color. Seeing as though it is white, it is sure to match any decor’ inside of your bathroom.

Here are some highlights about the item:

  • Slim Sonic Toothbrush for the Whole Family that makes brushing an enjoyable experience with Games, Coaching and Real-Time Feedback on FREE Android & iOS applications
  • Updated toothbrush and App keeps kids more motivated with games, collectable badges and score levels. Teaches kids and parents how to brush and has 3D Motion Sensors advising optimum brushing positions
  • Designed elegantly to fit in kids and adults hands, the Connected Bluetooth Toothbrush weighs less than 2.5 oz! Great for kids with a single push-button
  • Electric toothbrush Dramatically Reduces Plaque and uses gentle Sonic Vibrations to not harm sensitive gums whilst App collects brushing data to your smart device
  • Smart Sonic toothbrushes are proven to keep kids Engaged & Brushing Smarter for 2 minutes twice a day. Easy set up with recharge base included

As you can see this item is compatible with Andoid and ios which makes it perfect for any household. The app was very easy to find and set up. Now, this does come with 2 brush heads, so if you are looking to use this for more than one person, I would suggest purchasing the Kolibree Pack of 3 Brush Heads so everyone has their own. Once I got this set-up, it was time to test this.

My daughter Sophia has had some extensive dental work done. So, I am always watching her like a hawk. I introduced this to her and explained the concept and such to her. Once she heard the word game, she was all for it and was ready to start brushing. After watching her use this for a few weeks, I am able to monitor her brughing habits on my tablet which is really nice. You don’t really notice how important something like this is until you are put into a different perspective.

After a few weeks, Sophia has not only brushed up on her brushing skills, but I am no longer having to battle with her about brushing. She is able to take a look with me and see what needs to be worked on. The other kids have shown interest in this as well, so I ordered the other brush heads as well.

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