Lemon and Peppermint Essentail Oils by InstaNatural

When it comes to essential oils, there are many uses. They really are a wonderful thing to have in your home, but many people just don’t realize it yet. It is a safe all natural way to handle many issues which I am happy to tell you about.

Peppermint Oil is one of my favorite oils to use. It has so many wonderful uses. I use it for migraines by rubbing some on my temples. For mice, I use a few drops on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball where they may come in. It is a lot better than using something that could potentially be harmful to your animals or children that is for sure. I also like to use peppermint oil to help with spiders. I live in an older home by a lake, so they tend to love my house. I mix some peppermint with some water and dish soap and spray at points of entry. I haven’t seen anywhere near as many since I did this and I am on happy person because of that. There are many more uses for peppermint oil. I could go on for hours.

Lemon Oil is also a wonderful oil. I use it for cleaning. It works wonderful on stains in my kids’ clothing. I use just a bit and the stains goes away which is absolutely awesome. The smell of it is therapuetic as well. I love to use it as a cleaner. I add a few drops to some soapy water and it works as an exceptional cleaner for around the house and it has anti bacterial properties. Can’t go wrong with that.

As stated, essential oils have so many wonderful uses, I have only grazed on some. Please feel free to look some up and take a look yourself. These wonderful items are sold on Amazon.com. Both of these items are sold for $19.97 a bottle. For more information on ordering these or to see what other reviewers thought, please feel free to visit the product listings for Lemon and Peppermint.

These product were received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Product images are courtesy of Amazon.com

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