Lunch Bag Hango™ – Set of Two Sizes (Small and Large

Having a stylish lunch bag can be tough when it comes to a teenager. They are usually very picky on what they will use and my teenage daughter is no different than the rest when it comes to this issue. I have found something she will use and absolutely loves.

These wonderful lunch bags are cute as well as stylish. For the first time, my teenage daughter has actually taken a lunch bag willingly to school. The materials all seem to be nice and durable. The zipper is plastic with metal pulls. I haven’t noticed any issues with the zipper catching which is a huge plus. The fact that there are two sizes really makes this set appealing in case you have hot and cold items. These are insulated and really do a wonderful job retaining temperature. The large on is big enough to hold a 6 pack of soda, the small one like a 3 pack if that gives you an idea about the size. I love the carry handles with these instead of the huge strap like most. These also come with a wonderful white drawstring bag for storage and convenience which I really appreciated from the company.

This company makes wonderful products and definately has the customer in mind when they were designing these wonderful lunch bags. These come in two colors, pink and black, so it works for anyone. Stitching on these is wonderful. All together, I think this is a great set that offers some lengevity.

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