Make Up By One Direction — Limited Edition

One Direction is a boy band who has swept the nation with great music and are teen heart throbs for teenage girls. They have had many hits on the billboard charts across the nation with hits that include: That’s What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, Kiss You, and many more other hits.

With the popularity around the band, they have developed miscellaneous lines for their fans. One of which is make-up. I was recently sent three of the limited edition make-up kits. In each kit contains six eye shadows, four lip glosses, 2 nail varnishes, an eye pencil, and a lip top coat. In this kit, it also has two different applicators included. With catchy names to match their songs, we have eye shadows with names such as I Would, Nobody Compares, Tell Me A Lie, Summer Love, Everything About You and Same Mistakes. These colors are very pretty tones three light and three darker. So there is variety to mix up and play with your style. For lip flosses we have titles One Thing, Loved You First, Irresistable, and Heart attack. These are nice tones and hues of pink. The lip gloss is silver with sparkles. The nail varnishes are very pretty. One has pink with a chrome hue and the other is clear with different colors of glitter.

With so much variety in this kit, this is sure to offer the variety any girl would love to play with her look. There are many different other make-up kits available from One Direction as well. The Looks Collection is the one currently getting the most media on sales sites. Titles in that collection can be found on this website :Here.

This collection can be purchased at Sears, Macy’s, Dillards, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target. It can aslo be found on Amazon. Average retail price for these is $24.95 USD. This make-up goes on nicely without any irritation and lasts a long time like a lot of expensive brands.Each tin has a different band member on there, so you can get your daughter’s favorite and see her scream in delight. This would make a wonderful gift for the holidays as well as a birthday. This make-up has wonderful tones for colors and I am impressed. My daughters love it!

Color Of Shadows:

Nobody Compares – Silver Metallic
Tell Me A Lie – Pink Metallic
Same Mistakes – Mint Green Metallic
I would – Brown Metallic
Summer Love – Lilac Metallic
Everything About You – Black Metallic

Lip Glosses:

Loved You First – Bubble Gum
One Thing – Frosted Pink
Irresistable – Pearl
Heart Attack – Rose

Lip Top Coat:

Silver Metallic

Nail Varnishes

Clear with Confetti Sparkle
Bubble Gum Metallic Pink

Eye Pencil – Black

Two Applicators

With the new make-up line being so wonderful, I am sure they will have great success from fans and others alike. This is a good quality kit, just like their music. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for their fans.

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