MatchaDNA Milk Frother

How many of you love going to the coffee shop to get that favorite drink of yours loaded with foam? How about just a hot chocolate with that foam? Thinking about it really makes your mouth water doesn’t it? Well for me it does.

When I moved out of the city into the country, I basically was waving goodbye to my favorite hot drinks. There is no coffee shop anywhere near hear, so I am left having to make my own. Of course, when I travel, I can’t help but treat myself, but it is so few and far in between that I am still left wanting my favorite drinks with no result. Then I heard of milk frothers.

Yes, it is true, not all milk frothers are created equal. I have learned this the hard way. Some are bulky, others have blown out on me, while others, just don’t do what they’re supposed to. I had the wonderful opportunity to try the MatchDNA brand of a milk frother. I am sure glad I did too. This frother is nice and small, so it will fit into a drawer very easy for storage. I really liked that feature because I don’t like to have a ton of products in my kitchen everywhere. This is battery operated as well, which is the first of it’s kind I have seen. I like that as well because I am not trying to keep a cord out of the way which is great. I am able to angle the frother as I should. It takes two AA batteries which is something that is around anyone’s home. Even with the batteries, this is still very light weight. To change batteries, the plastic part just slide out, so there is easy access to them. The frother part itself loos small but it really does a great job. 
After using this, I really like this brand of milk frother. It is small, compact, and does a really great job doing as it should. Not too many of these wonderful utensils can. I would recommend this for any hot drink lover so they too can bask in the foamy richness of their favorite drink. 
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