Muddy Girl Earrings & Cross Pendant, Steel & Leather, in Velvet Jewelry Bag, 31″

When it comes to wearing jewelry, I love having unique pieces. The more unique the better for me. I like for my style to not only reflect my personality, but my likes as well at times. It’s fun to be playful with what you wear and at times, it can really make your outfit complete. The Muddy Girl Set offers just that.

I recently reached out to a company on Amazon called Camo Chique Botique to try this wonderful item. I was met with wonderful customer service and they gladly obliged my request. When this product was sent, I was provided with a tracking number and follow up to make sure the item was received. They showed me that their customers truly matter. Many businesses neglect to do this and it doesn’t speak too highly of them in my opinion.

When I received this set, it was in a beautiful velvet gift bag. This gift bag has a drawstring for an enclosure. This would be handy for gifting this set to someone. Once I opened the velvet gift bag, the set was in a nice gift box. The company really did an exceptional job presenting this item to the consumer. Once the box was opened, I fell in love with this set, it was perfect.

Instead of using the regular chains you find with necklaces, this company uses a nice leather cord. This helps relieve the worry of your chain ripping or issues with a clasp. The leather cord is light weight. Wearing this is a plus because it won’t pull at the hairs of your neck as well. Pendants on both earrings and necklace are made of steel, but they are light. The earrings have the hook part that many of us look for. There is a silicone back to it to insure you will not lose the earring if it should find it’s way out. I have sensitive ears and I didn’t experience any irritation while wearing these. The camo design is what really steps up the look of this set. I am a country girl and a huge fan of camo items. This is something that reflects my style and likes. To make it even better, I haven’t seen someone wear something like this, so it makes it unique.

Overall, I am very impressed with this set and it has become one of my favorites to wear. This product is sold on for $35.50. For more information, please feel free to visit here. This would make a wonderful unique gift for that country girl in your life and it is sure to be one of her favorites!

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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